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Appeal to the Civil Society

Some activists of European civil society present this draft of a “Peoples Covenant for better global governance” for a public debate developing in a large number of countries.

After a long enough period during which the participants in the debate have finally voted with the majority on the project, shop so they kept seriont present this draft Covenant referendum. The citizens of each country to partipant must have the freedom to vote publicly on this Covenant.

When at least two countries people were in favor of the Peoples Pact that takes the form of international law. We are deeply convinced that this example will soon be followed by other nations.

We also believe that Peoples Pact is necessary especially in the current situation is that all humanity. In our opinion, ailment the Peoples Pact is a safe method to overcome the dictatorship of finance capital destroying the planet and its consequences such as religious and political hostilities.

This “Peoples Pact for better global governance” emerged in a democratic manner has become an institution of international law and the Charter of complement United Nations. It will provide a good basis for the design of better relations between peoples and greatly facilitate the peaceful settlement of existing problems, approved such as

– Recognition of the right of every people to its sovereignty to the interior and exterior

– Overcome the problems and conflicts caused by colonization and national expansion

– Resolute implementation of the Millennium Declaration in 2000 proclaiming the six core values ??of relationships between people – freedom, equality, solidarity, tolerance, shared responsibility of nations for the sustainable development of humanity and nature.

– Finaly, peace must be the most important common good of all peoples which every nation has a right and a duty collektiv

– The Universal Declaration of Human Rights accepted by all Member States of the UN will be implemented by the peoples in all countries

– The Peoples Pact ensure that the inhuman globalization forced by finances and the economy is rejected. Each nation will have the chance to create its propes efforts and on the basis of ethical prerequisites for the people’s livelihood. It is understood that the satisfaction of basic needs of every human being is realized by managing sustainable economy and a socially equitable distribution. The Peoples Pact provide mutual support and solidarity for when nature does not present the same conditions every peoples.

In our opinion the Peoples Pact, become politically and ecologically necessary, its realization requires first democratic participation in the thought and action of many citizens of each country.

This project became necessary in each country needs the participation of citizens committed to the organization and moderation of public debate and to implement the will of the people into action and the state government.

Anyone who has more than 18 years, interested in participating can – regardless of his faith and his political views included in the list of sponsors / proponents. Sign up here to list parraieneurs and developers. You can also support this project in any other way.

To clarify some questions or ideas that arise during the reading of the draft Covenant, the team sponsors offer participants in this debate:

– His literary sources and scientific ideas and visions of famous writers – see “Library of European civil society”

– The catalog of subjects, the basis for the publication of the series “Another society is possible,” published by the association “Movement for a better world citizens.”

These texts are largely the result of “thinking differently” as Albert Einstein claimed.

Register you here in the List of initiators, sponsors and moderators.



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