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Read also the section VI of the Draft of the Peoples’ Covenant

VI – Procedures relating to this Covenant

A. Adoption of the Covenant

22. This covenant is opened for participation by all   peoples. This article recognizes any human community as a people, medical which is   recognized by at least two states members of the United Nations.

23. The preliminary draft of this Covenant shall be   open for a worldwide debate without any limitation as to participation. To   this end, a multilingual Internet website shall be established.

24. This worldwide debate shall begin on the date   appointed by the absolute majority of the Project Initiators having cast   votes. It will continue until the sponsors will find, also by an absolute   majority of votes cast, that acceptance has reached a certain level to justify   further steps.

25. Any person by the age of 18 may at any time until the end of the debate declare   him or herself project sponsor towards the present Project Initiators.

26. While the debate continues, the sponsors shall   be entitled to adopt by a majority of votes cast such regulations as they   deem necessary.

27. After closing the debate, the sponsors shall   propose a procedure to secure the consent of the peoples regarding the   preliminary draft. The absolute majority of the sponsors must adopt the said   procedure.

B. Entry into force of the Covenant

28. After the consent of at least two people have   been collected in accordance with the procedure referred to in Article 27   above, the Covenant will be deemed to be in force between the said two   peoples.

29. Subsequently, the Covenant shall enter into   force for any people newly consenting on the date on which consent has been   obtained in accordance with article 26 above.

C. Implementation of the Covenant by States and   governments

30. States and governments whose peoples have   adopted this Covenant shall ensure that the Covenant or at least the principles   set forth under I to IV are made a part of their national   laws and international agreements.


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